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We understand the effort it takes for a consistent and efficient workout, and that choosing the right trainer can make all the difference. Say no to incompetent trainers unable to provide enough support and motivation.

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Provide us with your preferences in terms of the location and type of workout you are interested in.

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  • First season is free with premium trainers
  • Ratings are based on customer feedback
  • The largest & growing list of trainers
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Find Your Personal Trainer

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Before Dubai PT

  • Incompetent trainers and loss of motivation
  • Lack of results due to improper support
  • Potential health issues and injuries
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With Dubai PT Help!

  • Professional support and workout consistency
  • Constant progress on workout goals
  • Feeling healthy and empowered

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Harut Galstyan - trainer profile image

Harut Galstyan

  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Personal & group training sessions
  • Specialized in CrossFit
  • Custom-made kids' workout plans
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients

Aly Mohamed - trainer profile image

Aly Mohamed

  • Fat loss & muscle building expert
  • Over 15 year of experience
  • Level 3 certified personal trainer
  • Speaks English & Arabic
  • Home, gym & outdoor workouts

Elena Nikolovska - trainer profile image

Elena Nikolovska

  • Specialized in fitness & weight-loss
  • Experienced nutrition specialist
  • IFBB Fitness trainer licence
  • Background in physiotherapy
  • Focused on customized training

Wael Hammam - trainer profile image

Wael Hammam

  • 14+ years of experience in fitness
  • Cardio & strength training expert
  • Downtown, Marina & Jumeirah areas
  • Personal & group training coach
  • Fluent in Arabic & English

Djordje Brajkovic - trainer profile image

Djordje Brajkovic

  • Weight lifting & cardio training pro
  • Internationally certified
  • Home, gym & outdoor workouts
  • Faculty degree in sports & fitness
  • Kids' & teenagers' training programs

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